I was just met with this message when trying to connect to the RD Gateway Server (locally). Restarting the server will not fix it.
In my case this is a remote desktop terminal server hosting a remote app for my users. It doesn’t seem to be having any affect on their usability.
What’s interesting is that the same time that this started happening, I also started to not be able to open my Server Manager without it crashing. I have no idea if these are related yet.
Getting a lot of these errors in my event viewer. Not sure if related.

I just read on another site to re-add the Default Web Site to IIS. Now I already have one called Default Site but who knows, it’s worth a shot.
Here’s how it said to do it:

  • Open IIS Manager.
  • Right-click Sites node under your machine in the Connections tree on the left side and click Add Website
  • Enter “Default Web Site” as a Site name
  • Set Application pool back to DefaultAppPool
  • Set Physical path to %SystemDrive%inetpubwwwroot
  • Leave Binding and everything else as is

Okay? I’ll just click Yes and see what happens.

Alright, it’s there. Let’s see if it did anything….
Yup that did it.
Now to find out why Server Manager won’t open….