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How to set up Port Forwarding on a Sophos UTM9.

I’m creating this because I didn’t find a good guide online and the way Sophos does this was confusing to me at first.

For demo purposes, my custom port will be 54321 (don’t use this number)

The server I’m trying to connect to is

Open Network Protection –> NAT

Click the NAT tab –> New NAT Rule…

Group: Up to you
Position: Up to you (choose Bottom)
Rule Type: DNAT
For traffic from: Any IPV4 (alternatively if you would like to add an outside Network or Host IP that you would want to trust exclusively, you can here.)Using service: In this spot, you can choose Microsoft Remote Desktop or if you have changed the port on your server, click the green Plus Button.


Follow these steps to create a custom port:
Name: Up to you
Type of definition: TCP
Destination port: 54321 (again, don’t use this number)
Source Port: 1024:65535 (this is a range of ports that you will accept connections on)
Comment: Explain what you did for the next poor schmuck.
Going to: External WAN Address
Change the destination to: Click the green Plus Button and add your server.
Name: You choose
Type: Host
IPV4 address:
DNS Settings: Sure why not
And the service to: Use the same service that you created earlier with port 54321.
Automatic Firewall Rule: Tick the box. Later you can customize the automatically created rule when you go to Firewall Rules, All Rules, Display All
Comment: Explain what you did for the next poor schmuck.
Lastly, Enable It

Below is the automatically created Firewall rule.



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