My first CAT6 Ethernet Wiring Job

This was a wiring job I recently did for a new office renovation. I worked with AT&T to bring dedicated fiber internet access with POTS lines for the phones. (They needed POTS lines as they intended to bring over their existing phone

system.) There are 5 offices, a conference room and a common area and I brought 3 cable runs to each of them.

IMG 8544
When I opened this closet, that large phone PBX (big gray box) was still humming along but hadn’t been used in many years. (Who knows how much electricity that wasted?)

IMG 8548
It’s always so satisfying to clean something that hasn’t been cleaned in years.

IMG 8623
All CAT6 running to triple gang outlets. Better to have too many than too few.

IMG 8626
Wires being terminated to the patch panel.

IMG 8627
A service loop in case the rack needs to be moved in the future. I think I’m going to do that differently in the future but this will do for my first time.

IMG 8614

IMG 8615

IMG 8616

IMG 8617

IMG 8618

IMG 8619

IMG 8620

IMG 8621

Hard to see but all wire is pulled through bridal rings, making future upgrades much easier. Be good to your future self (or the next poor schmuck tasked with fixing it).

Propped up on pallets until I’m able to bring over a large hammer drill and some concrete anchors.

All mounted up. Now just need to clean up the wiring a bit.

Getting there.

Ethernet makes for good phone line so I was able to use it with their existing phone system. Later we can easily upgrade them to a VOIP phone system where the phones are powered over the ethernet wire (POE) and they won’t need to daisy-chain the VOIP phones to their computers because of all of the extra ports they’ll have in their offices. It’s also nice to have all of the ethernet wire CAT6 rated as opposed to CAT5 or CAT5e. Building wiring is rarely touched so when it’s used for technology, you want to future-proof it. CAT6 is may be more than what they need now but it will be ready for the increased demand for bandwidth in tomorrow’s technology.

I was very happy with how this turned out.

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