How to schedule a restart in Windows using Task Scheduler.

Here’s one that I like to use from time to time to schedule a restart for updates.

image 791357

Open Task Scheduler and click Create Basic Task… and give it a name.

image 792471

Click Next >. I’ll be running this task just once so I’ll click One time.

image 793454

Click Next >. Schedule it

image 794297

Click Next >.  We’re going to be starting a program so click the radio button next to Start a program.

image 795160

Click Next >. The name of the program is shutdown and in order for it to restart properly, we need to add some arguments. For a list of those arguments, click here.

I will be using /r /f /t 0. /r to restart, /f to force any running applications to close and /t 0 so it waits for 0 seconds.

image 795965

Click Next >. Verify your settings. This task requires some extra settings to guarantee that it runs properly so check the box next to Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish and click Finish.


I may or may not be logged in at the time this task is going to run so I clicked the radio button next to Run whether user is logged on or not. Click OK.

image 797662

Enter your password and click OK.

image 798589

Now you should be all set.

image 799418

If you would like to use Powershell instead, there is also a method for that. Instead of typing shutdown with the arguments /r /f /t 0, you can type powershell with the arguments restart-computer -force. Here is some more information about it.

image 700088

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