“If he doesn’t know, he finds out!”
Jayne, First United Methodist Church


Reginald Kania

"It was great to have someone who was personal and receptive that legitimately helped me with my computer issues. It’s getting harder to find these days and I will return to him for any problems I have in the future. Fantastic service."

David Marling

"I worked with Jeremy on a few different things from Web Management to Social Media. He also built my son's computer and has always been there when I had questions."

Cody Ybarra
Assistant Store Manager at AT&T

"I work from home like most people right now. Jeremy was able to get my set up to its full potential."

Adam Lurvey

"My computer died and would not turn on. Jeremy got all my pictures off of it, put a new drive in and got everything back up and running. Friendly and fast service!"

First United Methodist Church

“The single biggest benefit to us has been the quick turn around for any questions asked and the knowledge Jeremy has to answer them. Jeremy understands that not everyone is a Techy!! Especially us OLD folks!! He’s very personable and understands the challenges of others to understand technology. He’s very knowledgeable about all forms of technology and if he doesn’t know, he finds out! Thanks!”

Educational Assessment Services

“I can call with an issue and Jeremy is able to help us out right away. Or he calls back promptly to find out the problem and then works on it from there. Jeremy is very knowledgeable about every problem that we have had and has been able to help us each time. Give Jeremy a call and see for yourself–you won’t be disappointed.”